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SEO Glossary

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SEO Glossary: A

Absolute Link:
A link that specifies transfer protocol, domain name and file name. Anchor Text.

Ability of rendering a website to be accessed by all people with or without any forms of disability.

Google ads format for webmasters to make money online on a PPC or PPM campaign.

Google ads format for publishers to advertise their products on a PPC or PPM campaign.

Agent Name:
Current name of the spider/crawler accessing a page at a given time.

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML that offers user friendly addon interfaces.

Automated Programming rule that offers the working statistics of spiders and search engine autobots to create SERPs.

Search Engine used by Yahoo.

Alt Attribute:
Alternative Text Description.

Alt Tags:
Alternative Text Description over Images, Media with Text attributes.

Statistical findings and analysis of data from a website or page.

Anchor Text:
Text placed over a URL that is clickable.

Animated Ad:
Ads with movement or rotatable images often used as FLASH or GIF formats.

Announce Site:
Placing the complete site to search engines for indexing.

The process of the indexing duration.

America Online.

Application Performance Interface.

American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

Active Server Pages.

Authority Site:
A website or page that has gained significant value on a search eninge.

Process of work done my semi-automatic programs and not manual.

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